March 2022 Magazine

As spring approaches, it can be helpful to take a renewed approach to your lifestyle and daily habits. This issue of American Lifestyle is all about embracing the fresh energy that this season brings with a look at must-have items to automate your cleaning, ways of rethinking your morning routine, ideas to jump-start your spring gardening, and tasty recipes from a TikTok star to add to your seasonal repertoire.

Spring-cleaning is an annual ritual for many people, but it’s a custom that can be particularly time-consuming. Thankfully, modern technology is here to help with a plethora of automated cleaning products that can shorten the spring-cleaning process and speed up day-to-day chores.

If your morning routine could also use a refresh, look no further. From the moment you open your eyes to your first sip of coffee, the tips in this issue can help you find the routine best suited for you.

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