February 2022 Magazine

We are officially in the second month of 2022—can you believe it? Hopefully you’re still riding the wave of new year excitement, but, if not, this issue of American Lifestyle is here to reenergize your outlook and help you feel enthusiastic about the months ahead.

February is a great time to prepare hearty, belly-warming meals that make you feel good, and there’s no better vessel for winter meal prep than a Dutch oven. The pair of recipes in this issue, a cheesy sausage bake and a tangy blackberry dessert, are the perfect seasonal pick-me-ups.

As a month dedicated to all things love, February would be incomplete without a proper nod to our affection for chocolate, which is something Memphis-based chocolatier Phillip Ashley Rix knows all too well. Learn all about his expertly crafted confections that are as much a delight for the eyes as they for the taste buds.

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